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Happy Clients

Since starting my online  Weight loss & Accountability, Coaching program, I have helped my clients discover effective approaches to dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.

Take a look at the chat I had with busy, full time Bank Manager and mom of two, Kat .

Kat has lost over 60 pounds and 64 inches and is now in my maintenance coaching program, and she was dying to share her experience.

After Picture -Kat
Before Picture-Kat

  Kat Before



Check out what Heidi has to say

Heidi's lost 70 pounds and 58 inches to date



Before Picture-Heidi



After Picture -Heidi

I have wanted to have better nutrition and portion control my entire life, I've always been a heavy girl and have known I had issues with emotional eating even before I heard what that really was!

I have had some health scares recently, I'm proud (and relieved!) to say I'm 21 months cancer free, but I knew I needed help to change my relationship with food from "co-dependent" to "healthy" and ME in control of food not the other way around!!

I called Kym and  I started the program THE VERY NEXT DAY!! I was so relieved and thrilled that I had help so quickly and Kym has been amazing! I am so happy to have her share her expertise and advice with me, but I'm so unbelievably grateful to have her ongoing support and encouragement all along the way!

It is wonderful to know I am not alone, and she has kept me on track, even during some of the toughest and most stressful times of my life! I love that I am accountable -- for the first time in my life -- in this area, and she has not given up on me so that makes me not want to give up on me either!!

I'm so proud that I've lost 70 pounds so far, and I'm almost at my first goal!
But this is so much more about a number for me, this is training me how to eat to live, instead of me just living to eat.

Testimonial -Heidi 75 pounds

I keep coming back because I need more support with cracking bad habits. When I fall off, I need support to get back on Plan.
I like being held accountable and how that increases my dedication. Family doesn't always work, because they can be enabling even though not meaning to.
Kym always gets me back on track and makes me believe and know I can do it.
The benefit is I feel good, I fit in my clothes much better and knowing that I can do it and I stop doubting myself. 
 Tracy H.


I needed to do this program for me and I wanted to get healthy. I've  lost 100 pounds in less than a year, and to date I've lost 111.8 pounds.


I've learned that to be successful I needed to make a lifestyle change. I've changed the way I eat, and I make sure to exercise. And when I'm tempted, it's okay to allow eating certain foods, but then I go right back to my Food Plan.


I just had knee surgery and I believe my weight loss helped me heal more quickly. I'm even riding the exercise bike at the gym after five and a half weeks.


You have to make up your mind to do this for yourself. When you make up your mind that it's for you, you'll succeed.


I'm healthier, and I can do more with my grandchildren. My 7 year old Maya is my great coach. She even walks 5.5 kilometers with me and cheers me on. The family is very happy I'm healthier. I'm grateful for the support I've had with Kym and I'm proud of myself.

 Judy C.


Testimonal -Judy

I started my weight loss journey April 2018.  I have worked with Kym and is has given me nothing but success. 

She understands that life happens, and no one is perfect.  That is so helpful especially in my journal as I was felt if I had a bad day, bad week I would be so hard on myself and Kym always says as long as you get back up that’s what is important.  I find I can be honest with Kym as she doesn’t judge.  She is there for me and only wants me to succeed. 

I am a very picky eater and Kym is always sending me recipes, so I don’t get sick of the same food.  She is always providing me with tips that help me along my journey.  Her support helps so much because it makes you be accountable.  I feel I’m successful with  my weight loss because of Kym being there and supporting me.  Also,  she always asks if there is anything coming up that might be difficult with you food wise and if it's I’m going out for dinner or to a dinner she goes over with me how to make good food choices. 

Every time I have wanted to give up or quit, she always is there encouraging me.  Also, I go away for the summers and I still weigh in, she sends me the things I need,  I always feel supported.  Thanks Kym for always being there for me.

Kathleen. E.

Testimonial -Kathleen

I didn't feel comfortable, I was carrying too much weight. Stairs were harder, my clothes didn't feel good.

I learned that I know what I need to do to achieve my weight goal but when I have someone coaching me it makes it easier to stay on track and have success. I learned to eat more vegetables and more protein and less sugar, less carbohydrates--bread, rice and pasta.

I feel better, I like the way my clothes fit, I'm happier when I look in the mirror, climbing stairs is easier, life is easier not carrying an extra 20 pounds.

Robbie .T.

Testimonial- Robbie

I knew I had to lose some pounds. And I lost 40 pounds since  working with Kym.


I've been on every weight loss program. I've tried them all,.  I like to eat healthy food. 


This time I was successful because I keep my Food Diary and have continued on maintenance plan so it's working very well. I used to think I could eat anything once I lost in the past but now I follow my maintenance plan eating plan. And I've learned food portions and make sure I get plenty of water each day.


It works, and I'm thrilled with the support I've had with Kym. 

I'd recommend Kym to everyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off.

Darleen .M.

Testimonial -Darleen

I've been with the program for almost 9 years now with many life changes along the way... 

Throughout my journey the support and coaching have been key in my continued success with a healthy lifestyle.  Accountability, goal setting, good nutrition and good fitness habits along with continual support have kept me consistent on my journey. 

Challenging days happen but recognizing that and using the support to get back on track is a huge positive to this program.  I've learned that I'm extremely hard on myself with everything I do in my life but being open to learning new ways with support and that perfection is not necessary...being the best version of yourself that truly brings you genuine happiness and enjoyment in your life is what I strive for every day.

Anne Marie .H.

Testimonial -Ann maie

Embrace the Future with Weight Loss & Accountability Coaching 
~with Kym Campbell Hanson

Live Your Best Life

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