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Support That Makes a Difference

My Professional Approach

Weight loss & accountability coaching for women over 40

My Weight Loss Journey

 20 Years Experience Coaching, Educating & Motivating

My Story

I was born and raised in Kelowna BC and moved to Vancouver in my early 20s.  I found work in the nightclub industry as a waitress, then moved into Management. I began to develop my leadership qualities and ultimately grew to manage and run some of the most successful nightclubs in Vancouver and continued to work and live a fast-paced, busy lifestyle for fourteen years.

I made the bold decision to move back to my hometown with my husband to reclaim my life and pursue my passion for health and wellness, leaving behind my “successful" career.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 14 years, I found myself eating out almost daily. I worked late, ate late, ordering in, grabbing on the fly, or eating only once or twice a day. I know how hard it is when you are busy and on the run, “Grab & Go” whatever is easiest and the fastest and NEVER the most nutritious.

I also knew that I could lose weight. I was amazing at losing it, a “Real Pro”, I was a “Yo-Yo Dieter”. Every January I would go on some weight loss plan or the next fad diet, lose my 30 pounds in 3 months to look fabulous for the summer – then back to my bad habits and old routine in the fall.


I thought I knew something about weight loss but I really knew that what I was doing wasn’t enough. This cycle repeated itself for over 15 years, doing the math I gained and lost over 450 pounds in that time span and spent thousands of dollars on the next quick fix only to gain it right back.


I was now in my forties, my body was changing, my confidence had gone downhill, in my career, in my marriage, in myself. I wasn't living the life I really wanted to live, to be happy, and healthy, and to feel amazing in my own skin.  I KNEW I couldn't keep trying it on my own, I needed to ask for help so that I would stop this vicious

cycle for good. 

 I finally invested in a coach and that's when I became educated and took the time to learn about balance, nutrition, and portions, how to eat and what to eat, and more importantly, understand habits and behaviors, this was my final stop. To have a coach to be accountable to was an eye-opener. To have someone teach me and walk me through it along the way, to keep me motivated and to be accountable to my own actions and not quit... no matter what the circumstances!

It really made the difference.

I have held myself accountable and maintained my 30-pound loss now since 2003!


My struggles with food and my mindset provided me with a gift – the unique ability to empathize with my clients. Undergoing my own transformation, the journey has rewarded me with being able to keep those 30 lbs off all year long, every year, and has been instrumental in helping me by reclaiming my mental health and self-confidence.  My past struggles and now successes have empowered me to be involved and fully support my clients with all of their weight loss goals.

I now have a sense of self-pride and confidence that will last a lifetime. 

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